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『 Ancient Judaism and Jewish culture
    are cleverly CAMOUFLAGED in Japan! 』

The Lost Ten Tribes of ancient Israel have traveled the Silk Road
  to Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun!
The Jews of West Asia headed east, found a safe haven, and assimilated
  with the Japanese people and Japanese culture.
And finally, thanks to the contributions of ancient Jews,
   "Jerusalem of the East" was realized
  as Kyoto(京都) "Heiankyo(平安京)" in 794 AD.
Ise Jingu Grand Shrine, the head shrine of Japanese Shinto,
  is said to have been also influenced by ancient Judaism.

Mt. FujiIwashimizu Hachimangu shrineIse Jingu (Naiku)
Mt. Fuji, the highest and most sacred mountain in Japan <LEFT> Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine <CENTER>
Ise Jingu Grand Shrine's Naiku (Inner shrine) and shirine priests<RIGHT>

" Discover your own ancient Japan! "
  - Japan, the world's longest single dynasty -

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8th century, 13to14th century16th century
Views of the world at the time seen in past world maps
Orbis Terrarum map/ 8th century,Spain <LEFT>
Hereford world map/ around 14th century, England: Jerusalem in the center,
East to the top, Europe to the bottom left and Africa to the bottom right <CENTER>
Clover shaped world map/ 16th century,Germany<RIGHT>

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